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Monday, June 18, 2012

Criminal activity a the stage

Here are images of the latest handy work of the next generation of criminals in Southampton.

I don't buy the argument that "Oh this is what kids do".  The appearance is that there was a large party by adolescents As evidenced by the other debris laying around.

I have my opinion about what causes this behavior,
but I am also aware that nobody wants to take the blame or be responsible
for the results of their failure to act properly, so I will leave it at that.

Here is my argument for this stage being constructed out of stone or concrete. 
We proved that good programs could work in this space
if the space is properly maintained and promoted.

It is now up to the good people of the community to decide
if they are willing to let this behavior continue
and destroy something good that was developing in Southampton.

I for one am unwilling to stand alone against this type of criminal activity,
spend my time and money to repair this damage
and I will not 
"cast my pearls before the swine". 

 Because that is surely what the cowards who have done this are,
whether they are children or adults.

Southampton will loose a developing group of cultural activities and people of talent who are becoming increasingly disheartened by the neanderthal attitudes 
and behaviors that are exemplified by this destruction.

I suggest that - persons who care enough about their community
to want to see cultural activities  develop further,
 I suggest that those persons make their voice known 
and stand up against this kind of behavior, 
rebuild the stage and insist that the perpetrators of this destruction be punished.

The stage before the vandals

As I have said in other postings, this stage would not stand for another season.
I said this because of the effects of entropy.

Obviously there is this factor which I expected but did not voice a strong opinion about.
Now the stage will not even be available for this season, 
because I am going to remove it
and focus my attention on a community that appreciates the effort.

The pictures speak for themselves.
I hope they get their just reward for their handiwork.

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